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The dispensary payment landscape is quickly changing. Do you trust your current payment solutions? It is imperative to have a compliant PIN debit and ATMs easily accessible without the threat of disruption in service.

Let us verify your existing payment solutions, or offer alternatives during our no cost consultation.

Our Programs

Dispensaries across the country trust us with their ATMs. 

Our program is designed to be completely separate from dispensary finances and operations. This ensures the dispensary is in compliance with all local, state and federal financial laws. Vault cash fills, maintenance, 24/7 support, and insurance are all included at no cost to the dispensary. 

Compliant PIN Debit programs also available with or without ATMs.


On-Site ATMs

Each ATM installation includes two (2) GenMega G2500. Placement is coordinated with each location.

Your location can also choose to add PIN Debit as another option for your customers.


We Handle the Cash

Cash fills are free, with origin documentation available on request. Vault cash can be increased for special events. 24/7 support is standard and included.


PIN Debit Programs

We offer compliant PIN Debit solutions. These programs combine independent transaction processing and funds settlement in banks already active in the cannabis industry. No branded card networks are involved!


Banking Relationships

Cannabis banking is complicated. We can assist you with bank introductions and special programs we've developed in some states. Some banks even allow ATM transaction fee share! Contact us below to get the conversation started.


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